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People are an organization’s most valuable asset.  Without them, there would be no results.  For an organization to be successful, there must be leaders at all levels.   

Leadership includes communicating to all in the organization the compelling reasons for change; creating a shared vision, mission, and values; translating the vision and values into specific expectations for how people will behave; demonstrating personal involvement in and commitment to the transformation; modeling desired new behaviors; and building an environment of trust throughout the organization so that everyone can become a leader.  

Workforce empowerment means investing in human resource development; delegating authority and accountability; supporting front-line employees with training, resources, and recognition; encouraging employee involvement, feedback, and suggestions; establishing new forms of recognition and performance appraisal; stimulation and rewarding innovations, risk taking, and creativity; and improving communication up, down, and across the organization, as well as outside the organization with employees, suppliers, partners, and – most importantly – with  customers.


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