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Transformation to a customer-focused organization also requires that an organization change its systems with which work is done.  Such systems include strategic planning, information and analysis, and managing processes. 

Strategic Planning isn’t about creating a glossy document to sit on the shelf.  It’s about creating a “living” plan in a planning process that sets outcome-based performance goals, and well-founded objectives and measures.  Additionally it reports annually on actual performance as compared to those goals.  Goals and objectives are based on achieving the organization’s mission while focusing on customer, supplier, union and employee feedback, and on organizational assessments.  The vision, mission, values, goals, and strategies of the organization are all aligned through the intensive involvement of employees in the planning process, and the organization’s structures are simplified to ensure such alignment.  If it’s the right plan for the organization, each employee must have a copy and each copy should be dog-eared. 

Information and analysis includes developing customer-focused information and measures; setting and communicating standards for customer service; developing and using customer feedback systems to keep abreast of their changing requirements; and continuously analyzing performance data, using that information to improve work processes, and the products and services delivered to customers. 

A comprehensive information and analysis system requires careful planning and management, while benchmarking information is used to guide actions for improvement. 

Process management includes understanding, managing, and simplifying process to better meet customer needs; establishing teams to analyze processes and solve problems; simplifying and eliminating regulations; re-engineering or redesigning processes to meet customer needs; and simplifying personnel, budget, procurement, and other support systems.


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