Enlightened - inNovative - Leaders


The approach of Enlighteneering, Inc., (ENL) to resolve your issues is simple and clear, yet always effective: achieve the right balance between people, and their tools and technology. You cannot have a high performing organization with just new technology; your people need continuous learning and their tools need continual honing. And it all starts with LEADERSHIP -- ENLIGHTENED LEADERSHIP!

What We Provide:

ENL focuses on creating enlightened organizations and leaders through training and development, and by consulting in the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Measurement
  • Executive Coaching Programs
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Process Improvement
  • Process Reeengineering
  • Organization Development and Design
  • Group Facilitation
  • Training and Development
  • Systems Engineering and Requirements Definition
  • Systems Evaluation


We are very collaborative in our approach to client engagements. We offer no "cookie cutter" approach, a one size fits all template, or elaborate technology. Instead, we prefer to work with you to truly understand your organizational issues, exactly what your desired outcome is, and what you would consider as success for you. From the initial conversation, we will clearly work with you to design the right approach to fit your needs and if we see along the line, that it is not exactly what you envisioned, we will make course corrections along the way. We are totally invested in your success!

Our preference is to teach you the skills necessary to meet our organizational needs. For example, let's say you need help developing a strategic plan. Our approach would be for you to identify a small group of individuals whom we could teach the process for developing a strategic plan and who would ultimately be responsible for its execution. This group process has been proven successful time and time again because as the plan is being developed, your staff members are being trained on how to do it and in the end will "own" it as it is their plan. Not only that, as a by-product of the engagement, your staff will perform better as a team than they did previously.

Our goal is to leave you with a set of skills, so that long after our client engagement, you can continue on your own without relying on consultants.

Customer Feedback:

Not too long ago we had a customer engagement where we came into an organization to teach them process improvement. Learn by doing. At the conclusion of this engagement, the employees of this organization not only had developed an improved process, but had learned the skills to do it on their own.

The story doesn't stop there!

Our client called us to share a story about process improvement. It seems that senior management was gravely concerned about customer service response times and customer satisfaction. Due to increased scrutiny, there was not time to waste. A group of her employees were given the task to develop an improved end-state and to do it fast.

She was in her office one afternoon completing some of her tasks when she heard some laughing and yelling coming from the outside. She immediately went to investigate and admitted that she was annoyed by the appearance of her staff "goofing off." In minutes, she tracked down the source of the frivolity to a small conference room.

As she stepped through the door, a self-appointed leader said "Hey, boss! You just have to see this!" By this time the group was chattering with excitement. What had happened was that each individual was working on parts of the whole and through brief individual complaints, they weren't able to work the issue fast enough. So they decided to "lock" themselves in a room and, as a group, work it collaboratively. In a little less than four hours, they had clearly defined the old process, and had developed a new and improved process.

Our client was amazed at how fast they had a solution and how they had come together on their own to do it. She couldn't thank us enough. What is important is that she is an enlightened leader who had nurtured and encouraged her staff to be open, creative, and innovative to find and achieve their shared objectives. All she had to do, with the help of ENL, was to give them the skills.


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